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There are many people involved with a project like Placerville Art on Parade. It's not only the public who views this community art project, but also, of course, the artists who create the art pieces, the committee members who make it all come together, the judges who actually judge the art pieces,  and the sponsors who so graciously give money or in-kind services to help fund this project.

For most of its life, Placerville Art on Parade has actually been known as "Banners on Parade" and those banners have hung on the light poles along Main Street in Placerville, California.


We have not only a wonderful art community in and around Placerville California, but a public that relishes viewing wonderful art. For fifteen years, Placerville Art on Parade has displayed 443 pieces of community art and the feedback we have had from the viewers of these artworks has made it all worth it.

Two of the 2015 Banners hanging on Main Street

Every year for the past fifteen years, our Main Street has been decorated with artistic creations and for the last thirteen years, it has been banners. It has become, in our community, an "event" every year when the "banners go up" and the public gets to see the latest creations of some of our local artists.


Artists create artworks first and foremost because they love art and they love to create new art. We are blessed to live in a beautiful area with mountains, vineyards, trees, flowers and gorgeous blue skies, all of which are subjects of our wonderful local art community.

Banners hung on the walls during the judging

Every year, artists from previous years (and interested new artists) are sent Call to Artists and-Applications early in February. The artists fill out the applications and submit their designs in March, spend about 2 months painting the banners (front and sometimes, too, the back), then the banners are judged by local art teachers. The winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd and usually 3 Honorable Mentions) are chosen on a day in late May at a local place, then the banners are hung from the light poles on Placerville's Historic Main Street. This year, 2019, the banners "premiered" at the Images of Hope White on White event on June 2 at Rainbow Orchards prior to being hung on the light poles on Main Street for the summer.

Committee Members

Over the many years of this project (our 15th year is 2019) we have had a core group of committee members who are the managing board of the organization. This includes Paige Vansickle, who originated our "Banners on Parade" concept 13 years ago and is our Secretary, Lisa Crummett, who is our Treasurer, and Bill Robinson, who serves as the event's photographer, promoter and President. In addition, Donna Bohlin and Lyndsey Sammons have helped a lot on our committee.

Lisa & Paige

In any long-running event like this, there are changes and things happen. We have lost three of our great members, Geoff Boyd, Charlene Young and most recently, Marianne Kalem in the last few years. We miss them dearly.

We also have a great group of supporting folks on the committee who step up every year help set up the banners for judging at a local place and help set up for the auction in October of each year,

A Note About a Few of Our Committee Members

In 2011, the Placerville Art on Parade Committee lost a valuable member of our event committee, Geoff Boyd. Geoff was a kind and talented local artist who volunteered his time to support this special community art project in Placerville until he passed away in 2011. Geoff loved this project and was an enthusiastic member of our team. In his honor, an anonymous donor has funded the Geoff Boyd Memorial Artist Award since 2011. Each year, our donor secretly selects a winning banner artist to receive the Geoff Boyd Memorial Artist Award. That winning artist is announced during a special presentation near the Silent Auction table during the banner auction and is awarded $250 in memory of our friend, Geoff Boyd. His love of art and the Banners on Parade project live on through this memorial award, thanks to our anonymous donor.

We lost another valuable member of our Event Committee in 2014, Charlene Young. Charlene was a retired school teacher and local artist. In addition to her committee duties, she contributed her artwork to the Placerville Art on Parade exhibits, having painted a wheelbarrow, a wine barrel, and many banners over the years. Charlene lost her battle with cancer and we miss her dearly. She was a kind and quiet helper who worked hard to make sure the project continued on each year.


In late summer 2018 we lost one of Banners on Parade’s co-founders, Marianne Kalem. Marianne’s dedication to Banners on Parade through the years was highlighted by the fact that she is the only artist to have painted a banner over the entire span of first 12 years of Banners on Parade (2007-2018). She was a devoted local teacher and entrepreneur in our area and she will be greatly missed by all of us.


We have been lucky to have some great volunteers to help us when we needed it! So many tasks: carrying the banners back and forth to the cars and hanging them during the judging, cleaning the banners prior to the auction, helping to hang the banners for the auction, and taking them down afterwards and so many more. Here's a big thank you to those who have helped us over the years:

  • Melissa Cowan of Placerville Flowers on Main for allowing us to use her business as a drop-off point for the banners to and from the artists

  • Anne & Robert Hall, Bryan Wild. Alex Wild, and many others who have been there to help hang, move, and take down banners during the judging and during the auction.

  • The many great businesses on Main Street in Placerville who have distributed the Banners on Parade brochures, especially Placerville News Company.

Volunteers help to make an organization great and we've had the greatest. Our thanks to them all!


Every year, we recruit two artists from our area to serve as judges after the banner entries have been created but before they are hung on the light poles along Main Street in Placerville. We always look forward to the "first viewing" of all the banners during the time the banners are displayed for the judges. We thank all the wonderful judges we have had over the years.

2015 Judges: Joseph Benaut & Lori Anderson


Any endeavor like this needs to have sponsors. We have been lucky over the years to have many great sponsors to help this effort. Our sponsors for 2019 are:

Also, we would like to thank Placerville Flowers on Main and Sanitex Cleaners for allowing us to use their businesses during our “banner” year.

Several of these have been sponsors many times and we thank them all!